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At Majestic Interiors, we are more than just a painting & decorating company we are your home transformation partners. With a legacy of excellence spanning 11 years, we take pride in creating homely interiors that breathe new life into your house. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We utilize eco-friendly methods where possible and state-of-the-art technology to ensure your home looks and feels... just like home..


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Interior Painting

Welcome to the realm of interior transformations! We're the masters of turning 'meh' into 'marvelous' with our top-tier paintwork. From walls to ceilings to trim, we bring quality and precision, creating flawlessly finished spaces. Our secret recipe? Meticulous prep ensures clean lines and a sophisticated finish that'll elevate your home to a whole new level of luxury


Welcome to the world of wall artistry! We're the craftsmen behind stunning wallpaper transformations. We create flawless installations that redefine your space. From bold designs to subtle textures, our attention to detail ensures a seamless, high-end finish, turning your walls into captivating features that speak volumes about your style.

Exterior Painting

Our expert painters specialize in elevating exteriors. We meticulously refresh and revitalize the external surfaces of your home. From meticulous preparation to flawless application, our commitment to quality ensures a clean, high-end finish that enhances your home's curb appeal, leaving it looking the best in your neighbourhood.


How long does it usually take per room?

This depends on a lot fo factors such as size, condition of the walls, what the walls are made of, the materials used and even the temperature of the room. We always try to do things as quickly as we can and will be able to give you an idea when we give you a free estimate. Call us and we can arrange that for you.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to say. It always depends on a lot of factors. The easiest thing for you is to get a free estimate from us and we can look at the surfaces you are needing painted/paper.. Call us and we can arrange that for you.

Can you give me a quote from a picture or video?

We get asked this, a LOT! And the answer is no, we can't. There are too many things that a picture can't tell us such as the condition of the surface to be painted/papered, are there intricate areas such as coving or door frames, does the surface need prepared and 101 other factors.

We want to make sure we give you one price at the start and not add in an extra 50% when we arrive to start work. If a painter is offering estimates based on pictures or video, be ready for a large price increase when they arrive to start work.

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I've used Majestic Interiors for 4 different rooms. Did a great job, the wife loves it and keeps talking about it constantly.


They were fast, clean and great value for money. They did a brilliant job of my livingroom and made it look so cosy and inviting.


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